Do you want to learn how to be a great Dom submissives crave, how to engage submissives in ethical kink play that brings them back for more, and create rewarding D/s relationships?

This course has been created by consulting the very best professional and lifestyle practioners and BDSM & Dominance. You’ll benefit from countless years of their practical experience – supercharging you on your journey into the rewarding and fun world of kink and BDSM.

Everything you need to know to become the man she needs can be found in this course. This isn’t a bunch of baseless tips, it explains how to become a truly great Dom by being the most confident and dominant version of the man you are.

This course will make a Dom out of anyone. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you want to be more dominant and confident in the bedroom, this course is what you are looking for.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Orientate to the world as a fully embodied, dominate and ethical man
  • Engage relationships with the thorough understanding of dominant & submissive psychology and how to be a leader that fosters intimacy, respect and trust
  • Take women through fantasy scenes, from start to finish including negotiating/discussing and creating the fantasy, choosing and embodying roles, leading her through emotional and physical intense moments, building an erotic narrative, and debriefing and aftercare to complete the experience
  • Confidently apply BDSM techniques and assume the role of sexual Dominant using; rope tying, bondage, flogging, caning, spanking, verbal commands, dirty talk, rough play and sensory manipulation
  • Be a truly sensual man who is comfortable with exploring and expressing pleasure and sexual power
  • Have a full understanding on the ethical practises of BDSM, Safety considerations and associated relationship dynamics (Dom/sub, Top/Bottom, Daddy/Babygirl etc)
  • Understand the tools & toys of BDSM
  • Incorporate rituals to maximise your BDSM play
  • Structure the different types of relationships in the BDSM lifestyle
  • Provide adequate aftercare to your submissive ensuring that you both get the most out of the experiences
  • Be able to fuse tantra and BDSM together to take your sexual experiences to even greater heights
  • Understand where to find submissive partners for play in the real world and online
  • Be able to explore BDSM play events with more confidence and understanding of the dynamics at play at such events

What the Course Includes:

Specialised Modules: This course is split into sequential sections designed to ensure you learn the foundations and skills in the most optimal sequence.

Some of the Theory Modules included are:

  • The Mind Game: Kinks, Roles and Role Play
  • Theory of Dominance, Submission and Power Exchange
  • In-depth Dominant Psychology
  • In-depth Submissive Psychology & The intricacies of ‘sub-space’
  • When does Fantasy become Reality?
  • Learn to Create Your Fantasy and Your Kinky Persona
  • Types of Play
  • Sensual vs Authoritarian flavour of domination
  • Different Types of Doms & Subs
  • How to Dom each type of Sub
  • Understanding your unique Dominant style
  • Setting up memorable scenes
  • How to layer sensations to blow minds
  • Mindfucks
  • In-Depth Communication, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
  • Safewords
  • Setting the Scene to Touch all the Senses
  • When is it more than Simply Kinky Sex?
  • Risk Awareness, Safety & Aftercare
  • Rewards & Punishment – Learn the art of punishment & rewards and the ins and outs of how, when and why punishment is needed – from a brat to a sub/slave
  • D/s Relationship Dynamics & Explore and learn how vulnerability, authenticity, and consciously relating add depth and substance to your relationships.
  • How to ethically foster the D/s dynamic (both inside and outside of the bedroom).
  • How to ethically push boundaries
  • How to uncover the BDSM ‘Scene’, events and meet like-minded people for play and/or relationships – both online and in real life.
  • What to do if/when it goes wrong (during a scene)
  • Collaring your submissive
  • Rituals
  • Pleasure & Pain
  • Orgasms (In-depth – types, games etc)
  • The fusion of BDSM & Tanta – The final frontier!and much more!

Some of the Practical/Skills Modules (plus video demonstrations where appropriate) included are:

  • The Art of Sensual Flogging (From Basic to Advanced)
  • Impact Play (Caning, Paddling, Spanking, Single Tails etc)
  • Wax Play
  • Bondage/Mummifications
  • Dominant Voice Training – Find your authentic voice
  • Commands
  • Positions
  • Rewards & Punishment – how to (voice/tonality)
  • Aftercare
  • Dealing with freakouts if/when they occur.and much more!

Extra Bonus Content: These articles include lists and tips for things which didn’t belong in the main course. Such as the difference between toys, which toys to buy, information on managing a poly/open relationship, types of collars, and even just tips to use in your scenes.

Access to the teachers: Teachers are on hand to answer questions and help you become the best Dom you can be.

This course is the most comprehensive online resource to becoming a great Dom and a skilful lover. You can learn it at your own pace and can log in anywhere, anytime, to brush up.


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